Horses to bait

In the current economic climate, putting a large sum of money down to purchase a horse is no easy task. Many a time, the month to month expenses involved, such as feeding or lessons, is budgeted for. But the initial spend is difficult. MAESTRO Equestrian Centre has a handful of horses and ponies to full or half bait which may make it easier for your child to enjoy the benefits of having a horsey friend without you having to take the financial knock. 

Full bait

Full bait involves covering all the costs normally associated with keeping a horse – stabling, shoes, tack etc. However, you do not purchase the horse. The horse remains in the ownership of MAESTRO Equestrian Centre but, as you are covering its living expenses, you have sole “use” of the horse, for want of a better term. This is a really nice way to teach your child the responsibilities of owning a horse and the pleasure of having a special horsey friend that they don’t need to schedule weekly time with. They’ll also be able to take them to Inter school shows and compete – which is a great opportunity for them to earn provincial colors at school and enjoy the fun rewards of horse shows. Our 'Full bait' option includes 1 x 60 minute lesson per week. 


Half bait

Half baiting is the same as full except the costs are halved with another party. So you “share” the horse or pony with another family.

MAESTRO has some lovely ponies & horses available to bait 

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