Stabling Options

Are you looking for a safe and happy home for your equine friend then LoooooooK no further.

We here at Maestro Equestrian Center aim to provide in all our horses needs. We believe in routine, discipline, quality care and friendship because HAPPY Horses are enjoyed by their owners!!

We have different options available to suite your beloved equine friend be it a youngster that need training, a competitive horse, a happy hack or a retired golden oldie.

All stabling include the following 

- Horse will be kept in a stable at night

- The stable will be provided with adequate bedding

- The horse will be fed adequate amount of feed (both grass  + concentrates) daily

- Horse will have access to water at all times

- Horse will be turned out during the day in a safe camp with other horses

- Horse will be groomed at least 3 times per week, hooves cleaned daily and treated for ticks, flies when needed

- This option exclude farrier, dentist and vet bills

DIY options also available

Stabling fee will depend on feed intake of horse, contact us for more information!

Stabling from R2800/month

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